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Two fluid ounces

A whole new meaning to searching for a reason to stay.


- About -

When the filmmaker is ready, the story appears. Writer/Director Rebecca Semik was ready to make one of her stories happen. After she took a detour into the non-profit sector, she'd been aching to get back to her roots. Inspired by her own film students, she wasn't going to let a little pandemic keep her down. With the goal of shooting a contained single-location story, Rebecca set out to tell a story with impact. That impact just so happens to involve a 2 fl oz bottle of lube.

Two Fluid Ounces tells the story of two women--a recently-split couple-- remembering why they broke up in the first place, despite all the love they still have for each other. When our protagonist drops by her ex's house to drop off the last of her things and pick up the last of her own, she notices two things: 1) her ex might be starting to move on with someone new; and 2) her travel-sized bottle of lube is missing from her things. She's going to get to the bottom of both of these things before the night's through.



  • Two Fluid Ounces Short Film

  • Genre: LGBTQ+ Romantic Dramedy

  • Runtime: 15 minutes

  • Status: in development; looking for funding


- Creative team -

Rebecca Semik

An active advocate in the LGBTQ+ community, Rebecca Semik is dedicated to improving and expanding the representation of LGBTQ+ stories. In addition to writing award-winning screenplays, she uses her innate Virgo energy to supply the vision behind the camera and in the marketing and fundraising behind the business plan. 

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Creative Team
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- GOALS + timeline -

In the spirit of the Duplass Brothers, we're doing the most with the least. COVID-19 presents unique challenges to the indie filmmaker, but we see challenges as opportunities. With our cast-as-crew approach, we're taking advantage of our knack for theatrics and a single-location contained story to develop, shoot, and edit a short film that'd we'd want to see--because we want to see more LGBTQ+ relationships reflected on screen.

If not us, Who? If not now, When?

We're committed to this project and hope folks will join us for the ride by joining our email updates, following us on social, and sharing our post-production crowdfundraiser to support us in getting audio mastering, music scoring, and getting this film into festivals so it can win awards we know it's capable of.

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Goals + Timeline

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